Build to Suit

Do you need your own PM or EMR?

The Right Foundation

Using a real estate analogy, you can always paint and carpet, but most won't buy a house with a poor foundation or in the wrong neighborhood.

Our Build-to-Suit program includes tools, platform, and database design for the next generation of OnLine and OnPremise systems for practices that can't afford the time and expense of a totally custom system, and that can't find a usable/useful Off-the-Shelf system.

The foundation and the scaffolding are already in place. Together, we add the finishing touches tailored for your practice. For example, you could pick and choose from the Meaningful Use list, or the HITSP data dictionary. You could do just PM, just EMR, or both. A perpetual license is included (with source code availability) so there are NO ongoing license fees.

Practices wanting a "homegrown" system. We can help in part, or with the entire project.

Practices unable to "rip 'n replace" ... After significant expenditures of time and money on an incumbent system, we understand the political pressure to stand pat. But, things aren't working and the costs continue to mount. We are happy to be #2.

CHCs, FQHCs, ... We can affordably deliver your requirements and reporting.

RECs, HIE's ...

Workflow, integration, interoperability, and security are specialities for us.

Small Hospitals ... Things are already tough enough, so we will work for you on a very affordable basis. USA or International.

Other HIT Vendors, healthcare related organizations, or outsiders ... Is your organization looking to quickly gain a foothold in the ambulatory EMR space? Is off-shore outsourcing not really working for you? Recent announcements of product introductions, market entries, and mergers are surprising in nature and number and are appearing from all directions.

Call for a confidential assessment of how we might be able to help.