Practice Management | Electronic Medical Record

The advantages of a cloud-based Web application and the UI/UX features of Windows and Mac systems.

Custom, build-to-suit is now a viable and practical option. Software is no longer hand crafted line by line. What used to take years, now takes months. What once took months now takes days.

We jump start your system with scaffolding and a foundation. The data modeling has been done and refined many times and is well defined now. As a result, we can spend our time with you on workflow and the UI/UX.

AXEO has a track record second to none starting with the first PM/EMR for Microsoft Windows released in the early 1990's. Systems today are just now touting features we offered 25 years ago!

Imagine what we can build for you today.

Meaningful use as defined by ARRA/HITECH is just a start. Is your EMR meaningful to you? Helpful, usable, and useful, or will it create more problems than it solves. Is it one more thing to worry about? Is your EMR just another expense, or is it an asset that gives your office a competitive edge in the eyes of your patients, your staff and associates?

"A recent study published by the RAND Corporation and sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA) examined how satisfied physicians are with their EHRs. It found that they approve of the concept of EHRs and are largely satisfied by the ability to remotely access patient information at any time. Most physicians, practice leaders, and staff also agreed that advancements in EHR technology such as improved interoperability and improved interfaces have great potential to improve care as well as physician and patient satisfaction. On the other hand, the current state of EHRs worsened overall professional satisfaction among respondents. Data entry, usability, inefficient workflows, and lack of interoperability were a few of the main pain points mentioned in the study."


Software is no longer hand crafted line-by-line. We employ the latest productivity frameworks.

Open Source LAMP, HTML4/5, PHP, Yii, Gii, Twitter Bootstrap, Symfony, Ruby, MySQL, Amazon. Microsoft VB, C#, ASP.NET, Silverlight, LightSwitch, SQL Server, Azure.


Open Source, PHP, LAMP, Yii, Symfony, Laravel, Ruby on Rails. Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, RackSpace, AWS. Microsoft SQL Server relational database, MySQL. A "clean slate" to start with. Deploy PC/LAN, intranet, or Internet SaaS/cloud model. Sustainable business model aligned with our customer interests. Prepared for what's to come. ARRA/HITECH 2011 through 2015. Platforms, tools, methodologies, and design specifically for change.


Designed for small groups. Scalable to larger organizations with 100's of users. Integrated practice management or stand-alone EMR. Document and scan image management. "No more features war" policy. Data conversion to and from policy. User-centric design (vs. data-centered). Focus on usability, office workflow, and interoperability. Consistent navigation, usability vs. utility bridged, UI and UX. Ease of implementation and transition; unstructured to structured data. Features and functions for the next 10-years ... ICD-10 coding by design and the related switch to ANSI X12 5010 standards. CHC and FQHC reporting requirements. Foreign language support.


ARRA/HITECH HHS certification requirements by design. ARRA/HITECH Meaningful Use by design, 2011 and later. HIPAA Two Factor Authentication (2FA. Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP). National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG). Microsoft Health (MSCUI) UI standards for health care. Data set standards by design. SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm, HL7 Version 3.x, HL7 EHR, ASTM E1384, E2369, ELINCS


At a glance, why AXEO PM+EMR ... Affordable, no upfront license fees, immediate setup and access, add new users, remove users. Platform for the next 10 years. Internet, intranet, or local net. Browser based access, and rich UI/UX. Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)


"Systems currently on the market with a significant installed base are obsolete by definition."

"Literally hundreds of EMR systems are clustered around the Windows GUI and Outlook look 'n feel." As one UI expert calls it, "an immediate cacophony of labels and flashing signs".


September 16, 2014
"AMA pleads for more user-friendly EHRs
The American Medical Association is targeting the usability—or lack thereof—of electronic health-record systems as part of a broader campaign to improve physician satisfaction. "


UI (user interface) standards are now coming forth so the data entered is accurate and resulting presentation and workflow are useful. The accurate entry of data is a fundamental function within clinical applications, and, in many cases, has safety implications for patients within clinical and administrative processes. We follow guidance that helps with unambiguous data entry, while enhancing patient safety and clinical application usability by: Providing a clear mechanism for guiding the user towards entry of an accurate value, therefore reducing human error Providing efficient input controls for the user to enter values in a fast and easy manner